Project-Level Performance, Prioritization, and Analysis

Evaluating, prioritizing, and analyzing projects is essential and foundational work at a metropolitan planning organization. MAG uses a variety of tools, data, and techniques to examine projects through a variety of lenses. Starting in 2008, MAG develop a spreadsheet-based analysis tool as part of its Congestion Management Process. The tool served as the foundation for modal call for projects and was modified as needed to suit the analysis required.

Recently, MAG has completed work on an interactive online platform to automate the analysis and processing of much of the data required for a performance-based prioritization effort. The Arterial and Bridge Needs Research created platform also allows users to search, filter and query the underlying datasets and provides regional context to the scores provided. MAG continues to research and develop criteria and methodology to ensure best practices in project-level prioritization and evaluation are being utilized across the agency.