Building Codes Committee

This committee consists of Building Officials from MAG member agencies. The committee makes recommendations on the development, interpretation and enforcement of building codes in the MAG region. It also provides a regional forum for construction, development, and other issues as they relate to building codes.

Building Code Amendments and Standards Manual

MAG 2019 Building Code Amendments and Standards Manual
MAG 2013 Building Code Amendments and Standards Historical Archive

Building Code Amendments and Standards Manual Individual Documents

BCAS 1: Sound Transmission Control Near Luke AFB
BCAS 2: MAG Model Standard for Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, and Other Solid Fuel Burning Devices
BCAS 3: Standards for Earthen Structures and Straw Bale Construction
BCAS 4: Revision to IRC Table R301.2(1)
BCAS 5: Sample Agreement to Relocate a Gas Line Without a Permit
BCAS 6: Permit Submittal Requirements for Residential Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
BCAS 7: Uniform Applications for Fireblocking per Section 302.11 of the 2012 IRC
BCAS 8: Recommendations from the Phoenix Residential Post Tension Round Table Committee
BCAS 9: Uniform Requirement of Pad Certification per Section R401.2 of the 2012 IRC
BCAS 10: Uniform Requirement of Weep Screed per Section R703.6.2.1 of the 2012 IRC
BCAS 11: Service Entry Section (SES) Installation Practices
BCAS 12: Storage Space Lighting
BCAS 13: City of Phoenix Approved Steel Fabricators Program
BCAS 14: 2007 Supplement to the International Residential Code
BCAS 15: 9.5 Course Wall Details for Wind Exposure B and C
BCAS 16: 2012 IECC/IRC Residential Testing Protocols
BCAS 17: 2018 IBC Wind Speeds
BCAS 18: Model Plans for Electric Vehicle Installations at Residential Occupancies
BCAS 19: Standard Plans Cover Sheet

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