Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)



The performance-based Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) provides a broad vision for the regional transportation system for the next two decades, addressing freeways and other highways, streets, transit, airports, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, freight, demand management, system management including intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and safety. The RTP - Final, 11/25/03, was the result of a major planning effort initiated in 2001 and completed in late 2003, when it received unanimous support from the Transportation Policy Committee and approval from the MAG Regional Council. It has also passed the federally-required air quality conformity tests. Since that time, updates to the plan have been prepared. The Final 2040 Regional Transportation Plan Update was approved at the February 26, 2020, Regional Council meeting. An Executive Summary is also available. The plan received a finding of air quality conformity from the US Department of Transportation on March 27, 2020.

A schedule or "program" for specific projects being implemented (undergoing design, right of way acquisition and/or construction, or capital acquisitions for transit) in the next three to five years is provided in the separately-bound MAG Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).


Long-range regional transportation planning is a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive process. Click on the link under "Materials" to the right to review the latest amendments to the 2040 RTP.

MOMENTUM: Building What's Next

MAG is leading an extensive planning effort to build MOMENTUM, the next Regional Transportation Plan. The Valley is coming together to create a long-term plan that will guide major investments in our roadways and public transit systems for the next 20 years and beyond. Continuing the momentum we’ve already built will require work and collaboration from all of us. Your input is essential to shaping the decisions that will directly affect what Valley transportation looks like in the future. Please click on the banner below to learn more and let us know what you think!

Your Vision = Our Future

From the fall of 2018 through the spring of 2019, MAG facilitated research to better understand public attitudes regarding regional transportation needs and investment priorities. The results of this work is informing the development of MOMENTUM, the next Regional Transportation Plan. Full results of the Values Mapping research are now available as well as a brief review of key results. The final report, Transportation Values & Priorities in the Maricopa Region, summarizes the 2018-2019 Values Study project.

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The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a Council of Governments (COG) that serves as the regional planning agency for the metropolitan Phoenix area.

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