Domestic Violence

MAG Domestic Violence Information

The Regional Domestic Violence program area develops and implements strategies to reduce the incidence of and trauma associated with domestic violence, including the Regional Plan to End Domestic Violence. Areas of focus include working with survivors, law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim advocates to enhance the way the region arrests and prosecutes domestic violence offenders.


  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    Nearly two-thirds of Americans have pets in their homes. Unfortunately that love of pets can be used against domestic violence victims as a means of power and control.
  • Domestic Violence Protocol Evaluation Project

    The MAG Protocol Evaluation Project is a direct result of the strategies laid out in the FY 2011 MAG Regional Plan to End Domestic Violence completed in May 2010. The project was designed to coordinate a multi-disciplinary effort for assessing current protocols and practices used by law enforcement and prosecutors when responding to domestic violence offendersl.
  • Regional Domestic Violence Council

    The Regional Domestic Violence Council is charged with working with the community in order to implement the recommendations in the MAG Regional Domestic Violence Plan. The Regional Domestic Violence Council serves as the primary coordinating body for issues related to domestic violence and provides a forum for communication and coordinated action to effectively address, prevent, and eradicate domestic violence in the MAG region.