Regional Air Quality Planning


MAG was designated by the Governor of Arizona in 1978 and recertified by the Arizona Legislature in 1992 to serve as the regional air quality planning agency for the Maricopa County nonattainment area. In this role, MAG develops regional air quality plans to address air pollution problems. In June 2016, the Governor certified MAG as the lead planning organization for the Pinal County PM-10 and PM-2.5 nonattainment areas. MAG will develop air quality plans for these areas in cooperation with the Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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2023 Five Percent Particulate Plan for PM-10 for the West Pinal County Nonattainment Area

Evaluating New and Available Ozone Precursor Control Measures in the Maricopa Nonattainment Area

MAG contracted with Ramboll US Consulting to identify and evaluate new and available ozone precursor control measures to assist in meeting Clean Air Act requirements related to the 2015 ozone standard for the Maricopa nonattainment area. Ramboll’s evaluation includes emissions reductions and cost estimates for each identified new and available control measure when sufficient information is available. Ramboll’s final report is accessible by clicking the link below.

2022 Serious Area Particulate Plan for PM-10 for the West Pinal County Nonattainment Area

MAG 2020 Eight-Hour Ozone Plan

MAG 2017 Eight-Hour Ozone Moderate Area Plan

MAG 2014 SIP Revision for the Removal of Stage II Controls

MAG 2014 Eight-Hour Ozone Plan

MAG 2013 Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Plan

MAG 2012 Five Percent Plan for PM-10

MAG 2007 Five Percent Plan for PM-10

MAG Final Eight-Hour Ozone Redesignation Request and Maintenance Plan (2009)

MAG Eight-Hour Ozone Plan for the Maricopa Nonattainment Area (2007)

PM-10 Source Attribution and Deposition Study (2008)

PM-10 Exceedance Prevention Workshop Materials