Public Safety

MAG Public Safety Network Programs

MAG's public safety network includes administration of the region's 9-1-1 system. MAG also administers a wireless communications network used by MAG member agencies and the regional business and education community to support transportation related activities. This ultimately reduces vehicle miles traveled, relieves traffic congestion, increases safety and reduces air pollution.

  • 9-1-1 Oversight Team

    This committee consists of high level officials from police and fire departments of the member agencies. The committee was formed to provide additional participation by management in the coordination of the MAG Regional 9-1-1 System.
  • Community Emergency Notification System (CENS)/Reverse 9-1-1®

    CENS, or Reverse 9-1-1®, is the Community Emergency Notification System. The system is designed to rapidly notify an affected area of an emergency by sending a recorded message through the telephone system.
  • MAG 9-1-1 Study Committee

    The Study Committee is tasked with reviewing the current state of the region’s 9-1-1 network and identifying a planned outlook for regional 9-1-1 services.
  • Public Safety Answering Point Managers Group

    This committee consists of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Managers from the MAG member agencies. This Group oversees the technical needs and provides overall coordination of the Maricopa County 9-1-1 System.
  • Regional Community Network

    The Regional Community Network (RCN) is a private Internet connecting MAG member agencies.
  • Regional Community Network Working Group

    The RCN Working Group (WG) develops recommendations for the management of the RCN and its future expansion.