Community Emergency Notification System (CENS)

CENS, or Reverse 9-1-1®, is the Community Emergency Notification System. The system rapidly notifies people in an area affected by an emergency by sending a recorded message through the telephone system. CENS uses the 9-1-1 database to find phone numbers for those who are in the affected area that is determined by the circle or area drawn on the CENS map. CENS then sends a prerecorded message to the telephone numbers in the defined area.

Reverse 9-1-1 Notifications to Your Cell Phone: Register Now

Cell and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones are not in the 911 database. You can register your cell or VoIP phone with the CENS system. You will only receive CENS notifications based on the address you provide for your cell and or VoIP phone.

Residents wishing to register their cell phones or VoIP phones in the CENS program must do so through the self registration link on the website at: Registrations completed by 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time will be added to the CENS system overnight.

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Nathan Pryor