System Analysis and Forecasting


  • Freeway Bottleneck Study

    Freeway Bottleneck Study

    MAG conducts thorough studies and maintains efforts to update and analyze highway bottleneck information. That information provides important input for transportation system analysis and performance measurement. It is also used to identify, analyze and prioritize transportation improvement projects.
  • System Analysis Program

    The transportation planning process needs analysis and forecasting of travel demand and level of service provided by the regional transportation system. This information is required to recognize future transportation challenges and develop solutions. The main purpose of the Transportation System Analysis Program is to provide technical and information services for the regional planning process. These services involve collecting, maintaining, analyzing, forecasting, and delivering information relevant to the regional transportation infrastructure and travel.
Director of Transportation Technologies and Services
Vladimir Livshits
Transportation Data Program Manager
Wang Zhang
Conformity Network and Requests Program Manager
Lavanya Vallabhaneni
Travel Demand Modeling Program Manager
Arup Dutta
Transportation Information Requests
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