As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Maricopa region, MAG plans and finances the regional transportation system. These responsibilities include:

Active Transportation

MAG's Active Transportation program plans for the improvement and construction of sidewalks, bikeways, and off-street paths.

Freeways and Highways

MAG's freeway and highway program plans for the significant improvement and expansion of our region’s freeways.


MAG works with partner agencies and freight stakeholders to improve the freight network, which supports economic growth.

Human Services Transportation

The Human Services Transportation program coordinates strategies to assist with the transportation needs of elderly individuals and persons with disabilities.

Performance Management

The Transportation Performance Program is responsible for projects and processes that address federal requirements related to performance measurement and target setting.

Programming and Finance

As the designated MPO for the Maricopa region, MAG plans and finances the regional transportation system through development and management of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Regional and Subregional Studies

As the regional planning agency, MAG conducts many large-scale regional and subregional studies that cross local jurisdictional boundaries to achieve cohesive and coordinated outcomes.

Regional Transportation Plan

Our regional transportation plan (RTP) provides a broad vision for the region’s multimodal transportation future and serves as a long-term blueprint for our transportation system.

Safety Programs

MAG's Transportation Safety Planning program identifies transportation related safety issues, concerns, and needs in the region, and determines ways to address them through the MAG Regional Transportation Planning process.

System Analysis and Forecasting

To better plan for future transportation needs, MAG collects, maintains, and analyzes data to provide traffic forecasts and travel trends using sophisticated computer modeling.


MAG is responsible for the long-range transit planning efforts in the region and works collaboratively with its partners, like Valley Metro, to provide multimodal transit options to residents of greater Phoenix.


Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) focuses on operational improvements that optimize, restore, or maintain the performance of the existing transportation system without adding more capacity.