2017 MAG Establishment Survey Report
2017 MAG Household Travel Survey Report
TMIP Webinar 12-20-2017 Innovations in MAG Activity-based Model and Incorporation of Travel Time Reliability in Modeling Procedures
TMIP Webinar 11-15-2017 MAG Behavioral Freight Model and Regional Microsimulation Model
TMIP Webinar 10-18-2017 MAG Large-Scale Regional Travel Surveys and Bottleneck Survey
SHRP2 C20 MAG Next Generation Freight Demand Model Report
Airport Travel Model Update and Data Collection
Development of a Household Vehicle Ownership and Fleet Composition Model, Final Report
Arizona State University Travel Survey and Model Update
Review of Freight Data Sources for the Development of a Behavior-Based Freight Model
MAG Truck Travel Model Update
MAG 2012 Vehicle Occupancy Study: Final Report
2008 National Household Travel Survey Dataset for MAG Region
Toll Road Modeling Support: Final Report
Toll Road Modeling Techniques
Development of MAG's Truck Travel Model from Truck Travel Surveys and Commodity Flow Data
Special Events Travel Forecasting Model and Collection of Special Events Data
MAG CT-RAMP Activity-Based Model Phase I: Model Estimation Results
Design and Development Plan for the MAG CT-RAMP Activity-Based Model (ABM)
Final Report - Reflecting The Impact of Fluctuating Fuel Prices On Travel Behavior
MAG External Truck Travel Model Development Final Report
2009 Phoenix External Travel Study Final Report
MAG 2007 Regional Travel Time & Travel Speed Study - Final Report and Summary
MAG 2007 Regional Travel Time & Travel Speed Study - Appendix A
MAG 2007 Regional Travel Time & Travel Speed Study - Appendix B: Data Dictionary
MAG Internal Truck Travel Survey and Truck Model Development Study
2006 MAG Vehicle Occupancy Study Final Report and Executive Summary
2007 Freeway Bottleneck Map in MAG Region
Accuracy Evaluation of ADOT FMS Detectors
2002-2003 MAG Regional Travel Time and Travel Speed Study
2002-2003 MAG Regional Travel Time and Travel Speed Appendices
Maricopa Regional Household Travel Survey Executive Summary
Analysis and Recommendations for Home Based Businesses
Value Lanes: Q and A
HOV Plan Update Executive Summary
HOT Study Update Executive Summary
MAG Model Linkages
2021 Freeway/Expressway Traffic Map
2001 Freeway/Expressway Traffic
Phoenix External Travel Survey Executive Summary
2001 Phoenix External Travel Study Final Report
Value Lane Fact Sheet
MAG 1996 Parking Cost Study
MAG Parking Cost Study
1992 Study of Occupancy and Vehicle Classification
1988/1989 Household Travel Survey