August 11, 2011, 9:00 AM

Please note that this meeting will not be held at the MAG offices.ADOT Human Resource Development Center1130 North 22nd AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85009The MAG Regional Community Network Working Group will host an information sharing session at the time and location listed above.The following are agenda items for the August 11th Regional Community Network Working Group meeting:1. Welcome - Debbie Albert and Randy Jackson2. RCN Status Update - Debbie Albert3. RCN Operations - Audrey Skidmore4. ITS Application Operations - Darrell Bingham5. Lessons Learned - MAG/ADOT Panel6. Expansion Opportunities - David Haines7. Funding Opportunities and Application Process- Sarath JoshuaIf you have any question about the meeting, please contact Audrey Skidmore or Craig Chenery at (602) 254-6300.

Systems Analyst II
Craig Chenery
TSMO Program Manager
Jeff Jenq