Socioeconomic Modeling & AZSMART

Socioeconomic Modeling

The primary purpose of the Socioeconomic Modeling Program is the development of projections of population, housing units and employment using the latest decennial or special census as the base. These projections are developed at three levels of geography: Municipal Planning Area (MPA), Regional Analysis Zone (RAZ), and Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ). MAG transportation and air quality models use these projections to produce traffic and emissions forecasts. In addition, they are used for a wide variety of other regional planning programs.

The staff is involved in the development, calibration and use of socioeconomic models. The program undertakes a variety of modeling projects and analysis of land use and development alternatives.


Arizona’s Socioeconomic Modeling, Analysis and Reporting Toolbox (AZ-SMART) is a modeling suite that will support socioeconomic activities at the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), other councils of governments (COGs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and elsewhere throughout the state.  This modeling suite is a platform on which to build, calibrate, run, and analyze socioeconomic projections and projection models and will seamlessly integrate with other third party models.