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Redistricting data from the 2020 Decennial Census is now available on the first tab of this interactive dashboard.
All other tabs show data from the American Community Survey (ACS)   5-year estimates unless otherwise specified.

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  • Race/Ethnicity & Age
    (ACS 2021)
  • Education & Income
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  • Projections
  • Transportation
    (ACS 2021)

Census 2020

The Census Bureau has released redistricting data from the 2020 Decennial Census. This data set has a limited amount of information. More detailed information will be released in late 2021 and 2022. For detailed tables and maps for the MAG region, go to and for more information go to the Census website.




  change from Census 2010



Population Density

People per Square Mile



Ages 0-17


Ages 18+

Population by Age



*"Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander" is included in "Multiple/Other"




 Total Housing Units


Occupied Housing Units


Vacant Housing Units

Vacancy Rate


Source: 2020 Decennial Census

Race and Ethnicity



*"Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander" is included in "Multiple/Other"


Median Age



Population by Age Group




Education and Income in  

Median Household Income



Household Income for  



Educational Attainment in  



Poverty Rate



Top Occupation Categories by Median Earnings



Socioeconomic Projections for    

State-level population projections come from the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity's baseline projections (medium series).

These projections are made for July 1 of each year in the projection period.

MAG produces population and employment projections by municipal planning area (MPA), incorporated jurisdiction, and regional analysis zone (RAZ).

For more information and to access the full report, visit the Projections webpage and interactive map viewer.


Click on legend item to toggle the series' visibility on the chart.



Transportation in  


Vehicles Available

Universe: Total Occupied Housing Units


Means of Transportation to Work

Universe: Total Workers, Age 16+


*"Other" includes Taxicab and Motorcycle


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Regional Overview

The Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler Metropolitan Statistical Area (Phoenix MSA) includes all of Maricopa County and Pinal County and is 14,587 square miles (Maricopa County, 9,223 square miles and Pinal County, 5,364 square miles). For additional information about the Phoenix MSA, check out the Regional Overview page.


Regional Demograhpic Trends<

Regional Demographic Trends

A comparison of the 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-year estimates with the 2015-2019 American Community Survey 5-year estimates to examine how total population, age, minority population, level of education, and poverty status within the MAG region has changed in the two intervals, as well as a comparison of individual state for the same categories. (Slides) (Tables)


Household Move Data

Household Move Data

An examination of the number of households moving to and from the MAG region and its member cities and towns, including monthly incoming and outgoing figures by month and areas from which households are moving. (Slides) (Tables)