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2022 Maricopa County Workforce Commute Summary

Source: 2022 Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program (TRP)

The TRP is a program that promotes reduced air pollution. Each year the TRP surveys approximately 500,000 employees who work for employers with 50 or more employees. All surveys are based on people employed by businesses in Maricopa County. Approximately 3,000 businesses are surveyed each year. The survey data is also used to create maps depicting live-work commute patterns, which are available here for jurisdictions and job centers within Maricopa County. Note: Percentages are more important than the number of respondents since this data comes from a survey.

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Maricopa County 

Respondents by East/West of I-17

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Mode of Transportation

Driving alone is the most frequently used mode of transportation among respondents in Maricopa County.


One-Way Average Work Trip Length

The following charts show the distance/time traveled by respondents that live and work in Maricopa County.

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 Time (minutes)


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Percent of Respondents by Industry Cluster

Industry cluster classifications created by MAG, based on Census NAICS codes.


Percent of Respondents by Occupation2

Occupation based on survey response of what best describes their primary work activity.


1West subregion is the area to the west of the Phoenix Municipal Planning Area (MPA); Central subregion is the Phoenix MPA; East subregion is the region to the east of the Phoenix MPA 2'Unknown' and 'Farming/Fishing/Forestry' occupations are excluded due to small sample size, so percentages will not add up to 100.