Vehicle Crashes in Our Region

Transportation Safety Planning or planning for a safer transportation system is one of many regional planning areas MAG coordinates. Understanding current road safety and trends is essential for planning to lower crash risk for all road users. The information here is based on a review of reported crash outcomes during the most recent ten-year period in the MAG planning area (see map for MAG planning area).

The charts and graphs show trends in crash incidents and resulting injuries and fatalities in MAG’s planning area. The data is based on police reported crashes that involve death, injury, or property damage that exceeded $1000. Although the MAG planning boundary was established in 2013, the same boundary was assumed for all ten years of analysis for comparison.

Crash trends in the region provide a macroscopic view of road crash risk with respect to facility type or month/day/hour. Information is provided on crashes on the freeway system or the arterials system and by freeway facility or arterial location such as intersections or mid-block. MAG’s planning area accounts for nearly two-thirds of all crashes and nearly half the road deaths in Arizona. Some charts compare showing crashes in the MAG planning area to rest of Arizona.

Crash data are provided to MAG by the Arizona DOT, in support of the MAG Transportation Safety Planning Program. The analysis of crash data is performed by MAG road safety engineers in consultation with the MAG Transportation Safety Committee. The primary tool used for this analysis is RTSIMS - a custom software developed by MAG.

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Economic Loss Due to Crashes in the MAG Region

Year Annual Cost*
2022 $10,881,906,448
2021 $10,054,789,476
2020 $8,292,232,110
2019 $9,225,653,291
2018 $10,052,537,634**
2017 $5,571,352,000
2016 $5,737,718,000
2015 $4,967,636,000
2014 $4,562,354,000
2013 $4,854,398,000
2012 $4,389,186,000
2011 $4,435,568,000
2010 $4,110,436,000
2009 $4,176,070,000
2008 $4,732,552,000
2007 $5,754,870,000
*The Annual Costs have been updated based on the new 2013 MAG planning area.
**2018 Annual Cost is based on updated Arizona Crash Cost.