April 8, 2008, 8:30 AM

MAG Conference on Housing and Transportation Human Services CoordinationOn April 8, 2008, the MAG Conference on Housing and Transportation Human Services Coordination will launch with incredible support from generous sponsors and skilled speakers. Thanks to these partnerships, conference participants will have a unique opportunity to learn, network and share ideas and practices with both local and national leaders. The event harnesses the talents of leaders from around the country and the region to offer best practices and promising strategies to better coordinate housing and transportation. The workshops will feature local leaders and innovative techniques.MAG is proud to partner with a team of agencies and companies committed to human services coordination. Significant sponsors of the conference include Southwest Gas and the Arizona Department of Transportation's Arizona Rides Program. Valley Metro and Veolia Transportation also contribute important support. MAG thanks the Arizona Department of Economic Security and the Arizona Council of Human Services Providers for their in-kind support of the event. The generosity of these sponsors has kept the registration fees very low. This makes the conference more accessible for all agencies and individuals.To register for this event, please click here. For directions to the event please click here.

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Deputy Executive Director
Amy St. Peter
Human Services Planner II
Haleigh Owens