Public Outreach Comment Form

Public Outreach Comment Form
  • Public Comments

  • If you wish to provide a public comment for a public MAG meeting, please pick the appropriate committee from the dropdown box. (If your comment is not intended for a specific committee, do not select a committee and your comment will be forwarded to the appropriate MAG staff.)

    If your comment is for a committee and is for an agenda item designated for action, please indicate the agenda item number in your comment. Please note that comments must be received prior to two hours before the posted start time of the meeting. Comments received by the deadline will be provided to the committee in advance of the meeting for review and become part of the formal meeting minutes. If comments are received after the deadline, you will need to resubmit the comment prior to the next meeting of the committee.

    Note that you may also provide your comments in person as an alternative to submitting online. All public comments must adhere to the following guidelines:
    Your comments must comply with MAG’s Rules of Decorum for public comments to be made in an orderly and appropriate manner. Personal attacks, profanity, threats, shouting, or intimidation of any kind are prohibited. Hyperlinks or electronic attachments will not be accepted or allowed. (Printed materials provided in person will be accepted).