Human Services Transportation Workshops


The Human Services Transportation Division at MAG in partnership of the subregional Mobility Managers, offers our community a series of workshops tailored to support human service transportation providers in the region. The workshops are multidisciplinary approaches to current topics and best practices to help agencies improve their services to their consumers and our community. Below you will find the most up-to-date resources on our workshops.

Human Services Transportation Planner I
Hezequias Rocha

The purpose of this workshop is to provide drivers with safety information on how to stay focused, stay safe, and avoid distracted driving.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for an open dialogue and review of best practices for considering the safe reopening of your organization and how to maintain specific essential services during the COVID-19 Pandemic for nonprofit human services transportation providers of older adults and persons with disabilities.

As agencies begin to provide transportation services again, ensuring everyone’s safety is essential. This workshop will explore steps employees can take to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while transporting passengers. Hear best practices on how drivers can be diligent in their efforts to slow the spread of the virus while providing the best service to your consumer.

Vehicle sharing is a unique program that involves vehicles acquired through a federal grant program. Agencies share an accessible vehicle that enables people with disabilities to get out of their homes. Many social services providers say that a major challenge they face is a lack of transportation as public transit options may not be the best fit.