SR 30 (Tres Rios Freeway), SR 202L to I-17 Scoping Study

SR 30 (Tres Rios Freeway), SR 202L to I-17 Scoping Study



MAG, in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), is completing a scoping and environmental study for a section (known as the Durango Link) of the proposed State Route 30 (SR 30). The Durango Link segment, will ultimately connect Loop 202 (South Mountain Freeway) near Broadway Road to I-17 near the Durango curve. In addition to the no build option, the study has identified and evaluated three potential build corridors for this segment of SR 30. The study will recommend a corridor for this segment of SR 30 and other improvements that may be incorporated into the Regional Transportation Plan.




The SR 30 study has identified and analyzed potential project constraints and issues within the Durango Link section of the SR 30 corridor and developed three preliminary options. These preliminary corridors will be evaluated and ultimately used to develop a 1,000-foot corridor. The corridors are wider than what will ultimately be built for SR 30, which will allow future studies to refine the SR 30 alignment and minimize impacts within the 1000-foot corridor. This will reduce the overall footprint of the final SR 30 facility. Once identified, the recommended corridor can then be used to identify and secure funding in the MAG Regional Transportation Plan.

To minimize impacts to existing residences, businesses and governmental facilities, it was decided to place the SR 30 corridors on existing transportation corridors, and this led to three corridors being created. From Loop 202 to 47th Avenue, all three corridors have the same alignment due to the constraints of the Salt River to the south and the residential neighborhood to the north. After crossing 47th Avenue, the SR 30 corridor splits into three separate possible routes. The South Corridor follows the north bank of the Salt River. The Center Corridor follows the Lower Buckeye Road alignment. The North Corridor follows the Durango Road alignment. Near 27th Avenue, all of the corridors merge back together for the connection with I-17 at Durango Curve.

Each of the corridors went through two levels of screening. The first level of screening involved determining whether the corridors satisfied the purpose and need of the study or had any fatal flaws.

Since each of the corridors improve the study area and the regional transportation network, complement and support the existing and future land uses of the study area, and have no obvious reasons why one could not be built, all three of the corridors passed the first level of screening.

  • Engineering considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Performance considerations
  • Implementation considerations

A more detailed look at the corridor screening can be found by downloading the SR 30 corridor screening documentation found under the Materials menu on this webpage.

After the end of the public comment period on October 15, 2020, for this phase of the study, a recommended corridor for SR 30 will be selected and the scoping and environmental study (documented as a Planning and Environmental Linkages, or PEL, document) will be finalized based on the screening criteria ratings and public comments. Once a recommended corridor is selected, the recommended corridor cost estimate will be incorporated into the Regional Transportation Plan for planning and budgeting purposes.

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