Freeways and Highways



MAG’s freeway and highway planning efforts have led to significant improvement and expansion of the region’s freeways. Working with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and other partners, over $5 billion in existing and new freeway and highway program projects will be delivered over the next 12 years.

  • Interstate 10 Freeway Corridor Study – Deck Park Tunnel to I-10/I-17 Split

    The purpose of the study is to recommend design elements, operational strategies, and policy actions that may serve as the basis for design and construction for future projects in this corridor. Ver esta página en español.
  • SR 30 (Tres Rios Freeway), SR 202L to I-17 Scoping Study

    This project included a scoping study and completion of the FHWA Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) process for the section of State Route 30 between SR 202L and I-17 at the Durango Curve. The study identified a 1,000-foot corridor alignment that met the project’s purpose and need while minimizing impacts to businesses, residents, and land owners.
  • Laveen South Mountain Transportation Study

    This project's goal is to identify transportation infrastructure for improving traffic in the Laveen area. This will help ease stress placed on the system from continuing development through community feedback and a data-driven analysis.
  • SR 347 Scoping Study

    MAG is conducting a scoping study with member agencies to allow for timely improvement of the corridor. The primary work product will be a recommended plan to provide a safe and reliable SR 347 corridor that supports forecasted growth.
  • I-8 & I-10/Hidden Valley Roadway Framework Study

    The purpose of the Hidden Valley Framework Study is to establish a conceptual network of freeways, parkways and arterials that will be capable of meeting long-range traffic demand, and applied at many different jurisdictional levels.
  • Central Phoenix Framework Study

    This study will balance future needs against the current challenges of providing multimodal transportation. This study will also take into account shrinking revenues and growing environmental and energy concerns.
  • I-10/Hassayampa Valley Roadway Study

    Much of the reason for this one-year study came from the need to preserve and improve Interstate 10, which currently the only freeway serving the area. It is the primary corridor for moving people and goods between Phoenix and the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach.
  • Southeast Corridor Major Investment Study

    In response to growing demand between the East Valley and Central Phoenix, MAG developed the Southeast Corridor Major Investment Study (SE Corridor MIS). Its purpose is investigating alternate transportation strategies. This includes identifying member agency needs and developing a multi-modal approach in accordance with anticipated traffic volume on Interstate 10 between the SR 202L/Santan-South Mountain “Pecos Stack” and the SR 51/SR 202L/Red Mountain “Mini-Stack” interchanges. This study also included the US-60/ Superstition Freeway and the Interstate 17/Black Canyon Freeway traffic interchanges.
  • I-10/I-17 "Spine" Corridor Master Plan

    In partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), MAG launched this study to develop a Corridor Master Plan for the Interstate 10 and Interstate 17 corridor. This corridor is referred to as the “Spine,” because it serves as the backbone for transportation in the metropolitan Phoenix area. The highway handles over 40 percent of all daily freeway traffic in the region.
  • US-60/Grand Avenue COMPASS Study

    US-60/Grand Avenue is an important regional facility controlled and maintained by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) as part of the National Highway System (NHS). Because of its significance to local agencies, it has been the subject of many studies, improvement projects, and public interest. It serves multiple purposes, including local access, commuter travel, and freight movement. It also serves as a link to Kingman and Las Vegas.