This project was a joint effort between MAG, Maricopa County, and the City of Phoenix. The freight study recommended projects and policies that move goods more efficiently and safely through existing industrial clusters of Maricopa County, fostering the development of a diverse and economically thriving place to work and live. The study focused on commercial truck freight operations and how freight interacted with other modes of transportation such as cars, freight rail, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians. The project team was committed to delivering a stakeholder-driven plan that meet the current and future needs of the community.

Study Area

The study area for the Rio Salado North Freight Study consists of major mile-grid streets and their intersections, along with the Interstate 10 (I-10) interchanges, within the following limits: approximately 0.25 miles west of 59th Avenue on the west, McDowell Road on the north, Lower Buckeye Road on the south, and 35th Avenue on the east. The new Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway is in the general vicinity of 59th Avenue will not be analyzed as part of this study, although the anticipated effects of Loop 202 will be considered as recommendations are developed.

Public comments to the study were provided and can be found by clicking the link below. These comments were used for improvement area recommendations.

Director of Transportation Policy and Planning
Tim Strow


Study Area Photographs of Roadways and Intersections