The Tempe-Phoenix Freight Study was a joint effort between the City of Tempe, the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County, and MAG. The study has made recommendations for projects and policies that will move goods more efficiently and safely through existing industrial clusters of Maricopa County. The study focuses on commercial truck freight operations, but also considers how freight interacts with other modes of transportation.

  • Observed and documented existing conditions, including freight distribution mobility patterns of local distribution centers and warehousing facilities.
  • Developed an inventory of corridor needs, including intersection and movement needs, to reduce congestion and improve safety.
  • Recommended phased solutions to reduce congestion and improve safety for all modes (vehicles, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians, transit) through innovative and traditional methods.

Study Area

The study area for the MAG Truck Parking Study is shown below.

map highlighting the study area

Public Involvement Opportunities

The project team facilitated two stakeholder meetings throughout the duration of the project. The meetings provided information and an opportunity for stakeholders to provide comments on the study. MAG also hosted an online interactive comment map to collect comments and feedback from the public. These comments were used for improvement area recommendations.


The project started in March 2020 and concluded in January 2021.