Local Agency Safety Studies (LASS) Program

This program provides member agencies the opportunity to submit candidate projects for inclusion in the Local Agency Safety Studies (LASS) Program. The opportunity opens annually in July for projects to be included in the current fiscal year program. Applications may be submitted for Road Safety Assessments (RSAs), Design Phase RSAs, or other studies at high priority crash locations, or corridors, to identify appropriate countermeasures for prioritization and implementation. Project applications must be submitted to MAG via email to: [email protected] (using the MAG Application form). Applications can be submitted anytime from July 1st until the closing deadline of Noon on the first Monday in March of every year. Applications submitted after this deadline will be considered for the next fiscal year program. In addition, if all available funds have been allocated to projects received prior to the March deadline, any remaining requests for funding may be added to the list of projects to be funded in the next fiscal year.

The safety program was initiated in 2017 to provide technical assistance to local agencies in conducting road safety studies. This program was added in response to the many requests received by MAG for technical assistance with road safety studies. The program is anticipated to provide an available amount of $100,000 on an annual basis. These studies would examine specific road safety issues or concerns identified by local agencies at locations that may not meet the high crash risk criteria used to identify projects for the traditional MAG RSA Program. These studies would be carried out by MAG on-call consultants.

Applications should be submitted for each of your candidate projects, using the fillable PDF-based project application form provided for download under the "Materials" link on this page. Also provided for information is the LASS Program Criteria, Goals, and Objectives document. If you have questions or need further guidance on what kind of projects would be a good candidate for this type of request, please contact Margaret Herrera via the contact information to the right.

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