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The MAG Roadway Safety Program (RSP) was initiated in September 2019 by MAG to supplement the state’s Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) program. The RSP assists with providing additional funding in the short term. MAG will facilitate a Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) swap and regional safety program that can improve the safety conditions of our roadways in all areas, from rural to dense urban. MAG developed this program to address these critical regional funding needs in the near term.

The amount of RSP funds to be made available under a competitive call for projects process will be approximately $2 million in each fiscal year through 2024. Calls for projects will be issued on an annual basis in August. The Transportation Safety Committee will provide oversight to recommending a list of projects to be funded.

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MAG coordinated the second RSP Call for Projects for FY 2022 in July, 2020. Projects programmed in 2020 will be available on this webpage. Project applications submitted by the Thursday, October 1 deadline can be viewed and are available for download below.

Applications Submitted October 2020


In the Fall of 2019 MAG coordinated the first call for projects for FY 2020 and 2021. Project applications submitted by the Monday November 4, 2019 deadline can be viewed below. Projects programmed in 2019 will be included in the RSP Annual Report in July 2020 and will be available under the “Materials” Tab on this webpage.

Applications Submitted November 2019

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Lead Agency Project Location Project Description FY 2020 RSP FY 2019 Local FY 2020 Total
Apache Junction Tomahawk Road and Junction Street Channelizing Right Turn Island $50,364 $10,000 $60,364
Apache Junction Citywide Signal Improvements $229,159 $26,000 $255,159
Scottsdale Scottsdale Road and Palm Lane HAWK $185,114 $26,167 $211,281
Gilbert Gilbert Road and Ray Road Median Offset Improvements $236,873 $26,500 $263,373
Surprise Bell Road and Litchfield Road Median Modifications and Flashing Yellow Arrows $344,001 $39,584 $383,585
Glendale 63rd Avenue and Northern Avenue Installation of Traffic Signal $637,101 $119,000 $753,101
Glendale Northern Parkway - Sarival Avenue to 143rd Ave Median Cable Barrier $870,179 $117,769 $987,948
    FY 2020 Total Request $2,552,791    
Lead Agency Project Location Project Description FY 2021 RSP FY 2020 Local FY 2021 Total
Phoenix 32nd Street - McDowell to Thomas Street Lighting $579,408.00 $61,000.00 $640,408.00
Phoenix 32nd Street near Palm Lane HAWK $174,396.00 $20,000.00 $194,396.00
Phoenix 35th Avenue & Northernt Signal Rebuild and Lighting Improvements $412,158.31 $45,000.00 $457,158.31
Phoenix Hatcher Road and 13th Avenue RRFB (round) $152,939.35 $23,000.00 $175,939.35
Phoenix 32nd Street and Thomas Signal Rebuild and Lighting Improvements $412,158.31 $45,000.00 $457,158.31
Phoenix 32nd Street and Oak Signal Rebuild and Lighting Improvements $412,158.31 $45,000.00 $457,158.31
El Mirage Citywide Flashing Yellow Arrows $306,878.00 $45,000.00 $351,878.00
    FY 2021 Total Request $2,450,096.28    

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