Multimodal Level of Service Study

Multimodal Level of Service Study January, 2017The Multimodal Level of Service study performed the evaluation at nine locations in the MAG region. The intent was to gain a greater understanding of how the tool may be used to facilitate planning efforts and establish performance metrics for the region. The results of the study provide a better understanding of the variables that improve the experiences of all users. It also underscores the reality that creating an objective metric for non-vehicular travel experience is complex.

Multimodal Level of Service Analysis for urban streets explores a method for assessing how well an urban street serves its users. The method for evaluating the multimodal level of service (MMLOS) estimates the auto, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian level of service on an urban street. It uses a combination of available data and data gathered by an agency to assess auto and transit level of service.

Upon its completion, MAG identified 3rd and 5th avenues as a test case to apply the best practices outlined in the multimodal level of service study. In partnership with the City of Phoenix, MAG facilitated a more detailed assessment to identify potential improvements to be implemented to fill mobility gaps and enhance area safety and livability along these corridors.