2023 Specifications and Details Cases Under Consideration

Each year the MAG Standard Specifications and Details Committee reviews changes to the Uniform Standard Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction document. These changes are first reviewed in separate cases. This project page is designed to be a resource for committee members to access the most current versions of cases under consideration throughout the year. 

(Page last updated 05/15/23)

A summary of 2023 Cases with links to PDF working documents is shown in the table below:


of Case


Date Submitted

Last Revision



Case 22-15:

Add new subsection 718.4 Solar Reflective Coatings. Add reference to it in Section 334.

Kelly Peterich, Phoenix





Case 23-01:

Miscellaneous Corrections
A. Section 401.5: Change “Arizona Highway Department” to “Arizona Department of Transportation”
B. Section 102.10: Delete “or by telegram” from this section.
C. Remove reference to manhole steps in Sections 605.4, 610.8 and Table 771-1.

Ryan Nichols,
Mesa, and
Roy Herrington,




Case 23-02: Revise Section 725 Portland Cement Concrete to allow the options of Portland Limestone (Type IL) and Ternary Blended (Type IT) Cements. Jeff Hearne,
Concrete WG
03/01/23 04/20/23    
Case 23-03: Revise Section 710 Asphalt Concrete to allow that under certain conditions a volumetric check point may be completed in lieu of a new mix design. Jeff Hearne,
Asphalt WG
03/01/23 03/01/23    
Case 23-04: Revise Sections 714 Microsurfacing and 715 Slurry Seal. Remove the “Production Tolerances” column from Tables 714-1 and 715-1 and update the note after each table. Jeff Hearne,
Asphalt WG
03/01/23 03/01/23    
Case 23-05: Revise Detail 212 Utility Pothole Repair. Remove ABC as a final backfill option for potholes, and strike Note 2 “Native Soil” for temporary potholes. Update the backfill section of Section 355 Utility Pothole Keyhole Method. Arvid Veidmark,
Water/Sewer WG
03/01/23 04/25/23    
Case 23-06: Vegetated or Rock Bioswales. Proposes a new Bioswales Detail and related Specifications as the first sample case to be included in the Outside Right-of-Way document. Bashir Hassan,
03/01/23 04/25/23    
Case 23-07: Provide maximum width of concrete collar on Detail 422. Update text in Section 345.5 Portland Cement Concrete Collars. Matthew Bryan,
05/03/23 05/03/23    
Case 23-08: Proposed Revision to Section 610.10 Gaskets Warren White,
06/07/23 06/07/23   New