Program of Projects

Regional Programming Guidelines for Federal Transit Formula Funds

The Program of Projects (POP) is the list of transit projects in MAG’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) proposed to be funded from the area’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307 and Section 5339 programs. These programs pay for a variety of eligible transit projects. These can range from engineering and design to bus purchases to maintenance programs, or even in some areas, operations. FTA requires that any changes to the POP be available for public review and comment as a condition of grant approval.

The proposed projects were developed in coordination with the City of Phoenix, (the region’s Designated Recipient), and Valley Metro (the region’s Transit operator), MAG member agencies. The development of the POP follows the policies, procedures, and guidelines as outlined in the Regional Programming Guidelines for Federal Transit Formula Funds. Please refer to the links below for detailed listings of the projects. The funds are subject to change until final FTA notice and the listings may require an amendment.

MAG continually seeks feedback to help us make future transportation decisions. For more information, please visit our public involvement page. To provide feedback, please use our comment form at: MAG’s public involvement process for developing the TIP satisfies FTA's Transit Program of Projects public involvement requirements.