These charts show the variations and crash occurrence trends in the MAG region, by year from 2007 to 2022. The charts identify the total number of crashes, the number of persons injured, and the number of persons killed in each year. Separate charts are provided for all crashes, crashes involving motorized vehicles and bicyclists and crashes involving motorized vehicles and pedestrians. Total vehicle-pedestrian or vehicle-bicycle crashes are incidents involving at least one vehicle-pedestrian or one vehicle-bicyclist whereas injuries and fatalities are total number of persons injured or killed in those crashes.

Charts are also provided to show crash occurrence variation by month, day of week and by hour of day from 2007 to 2022. The final chart shows the collision manner for crashes in the most recent year.

The data source for this analysis is the ADOT crash database compiled from police crash reports. It should be noted that crashes are reported only if they involve a motorized vehicle, and result in death, injury or property damage worth $1000 or more. Starting from August 2019, ADOT changed the property damage limit to $2000 for a crash to be reported as a Property Damage Only (PDO) crash. For example, a bicyclist accidentally running off a bike trail, hitting an object and being killed is not recorded as a crash – because there was no motorized vehicle involved.

Crashes by Year, 2007 - 2022

Crashes by Month, 2022

Crashes by Day, 2022

Crashes by Hour, 2022

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