MAG Regional ITS Architecture

In 2001, MAG created the first ITS Strategic Plan for the Phoenix region. This Plan included the first definition of the Regional ITS Architecture (RIA). Since ITS is linked to system management and operations, MAG then developed the Regional Concept of Transportation Operations (RCTO) in 2003. Later, MAG created the MAG ITS Strategic Plan in 2012, and the MAG Systems Management and Operations Plan in 2018. These important planning developments outline vision and priorities in the region. Along with changing the transportation environment, they led to significant new additions and improvements to the region’s ITS infrastructure and transportation operations.

The national ITS Architecture framework, called ARC-IT (Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation), allows the region to reflect the influence of connected vehicles and integrated transportation services. It also shows changes and growth by each agency since 2013. These factors have resulted in the need to update the RIA.

MAG led the development of the RIA update to account for the growth in systems throughout the region. It also ensures consistency and conformance with the programs, standards, and guidelines provided through the FHWA Rule 940 and FTA Policy on Architecture Conformity and Standards, and through the National ITS Architecture.

This updated RIA will:

  • Reflect all ITS-related infrastructure in the MAG Region as well infrastructure and connectivity that are programmed and planned for future projects;
  • Reflect changes and modifications that have been made to the National ITS Architecture since the last update in 2013;
  • Serve as the key reference for any ITS infrastructure development in the MAG region by MAG member agencies. It provides detailed information on how an ITS project can be broken into smaller functional pieces. An important goal for MAG with this RIA is to provide its members with a tool for project development and integration;
  • Include a plan and process for maintaining and updating the RIA on a regular basis. Then it will remain current and serve as a valuable tool to support ongoing project development and implementation by MAG member agencies;
  • Comply with Rule 23 CFR 511 by including existing and planned systems and interfaces that monitor travel and traffic conditions. It will provide that information to travelers and users of traveler information.


The MAG ITS Committee and a Technical Advisory subgroup provides oversight, review and guidance to the RIA development process. The MAG ITS Architecture was updated in 2019 to reflect enhancements of the region’s systems that changed the functionality for some agencies. This update also reflects the latest version 8.3 of ARC-IT.