Regional Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study


      Photo courtesy: AECOM

The Regional Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study was undertaken to better understand the interest in and feasibility of implementing BRT in the MAG region. The study identified a set of eight high-potential BRT corridors recommended for implementation in the mid-term, as well as possible long-term extensions to complete the regional network. As part of the study, a set of Regional Performance and Design Standards was developed to create a shared understanding of important characteristics needed to make BRT an attractive and time-competitive mode.

The results of this study will serve as a springboard for MAG member agencies to begin individual discussions about implementing BRT. This study and the associated outreach process will provide member agencies a head start in future implementation through an enhanced understanding of BRT opportunities, challenges, and overall feasibility.

The study was a collaboration between MAG, Valley Metro, and the seven cities and towns within the project study area, including Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, and Gilbert.

Bus Rapid Transit Overview

Watch a 3-minute video about the key features of BRT