Systems Management and Operations Plan

MAG Systems Management and Operations PlanThis study’s goal was to yield a Systems Management and Operations Plan that helps the MAG region make smart investments. These investments would support essential transportation technology/ITS infrastructure components. They would also add resources for the operation and management of critical elements of the region’s transportation system. This plan helps identify infrastructure needs in priority corridors and detect what may need to be done to improve operations. Two outcomes of this approach may be that along with making future investments in essential ITS technology infrastructure, the region may also need to be better organized and funded to support to critical operations.

Project Oversight

Oversight for the study was provided by a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) that consisted of members of MAG’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee, MAG Transportation Review Committee leaders, and ADOT and MAG staff. All TAG meetings were held in conjunction with MAG ITS Committee meetings. They included updates on study status, discussions at key study milestones and review of draft documents. The execution of each task resulted in a Task Report that documented the work performed, findings and recommendations. The finalized Task Reports were summarized in the Final Report.


  • Task 0 – Project Management and Technical Oversight
  • Task 1 – Best Practices in Urban TSM&O
  • Task 2 – Current and Near-Term ITS Infrastructure and SM&O Practices
  • Task 3 – Long Term Vision and Concept of SM&O
  • Task 4 – Regional Priorities for SM&O Investments
  • Task 5 – Initial SM&O Implementation Plan
  • Task 6 – Data Collection, Performance Measurement and Reporting
  • Task 7 – Framework for Annual SM&O Performance Review
  • Task 8 – MAG SM&O Plan Final Report & Executive Summary

Study Outcome

The study has produced the 2018 Systems Management and Operations Plan that has recommended a list of 25 strategies for implementation during Phase 1 (FY2020 to FY2024) at an estimated cost of $80million. The Plan includes a funding plan, developed in partnership with ADOT, for implementing Phase 1 projects with no fiscal impact on any other programs. Phase 2 of the Plan is recommended to be incorporated in the next Regional Transportation Plan or Proposition 500.

  • Study Cost: $299,704.03
  • Duration: 16 months - August 2016 to January 2018
  • Study Team: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. is the lead consultant, assisted by the firm ICF International.
  • Follow-up Study for Refinements: $10,000
  • Duration: 4 months - April – July 2018
  • Study Team: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc

Next Steps

As of July 2018, the 2018 SM&O Plan is going through the formal MAG committee approval process. It is anticipated that the Plan will be approved in August or September 2018 and funds will be available for projects identified in the Plan, starting in FY2020.